“Rope Ready” (B&W) Virginia Harold

Long-time St. Louisian, T0ne is a nationally-known Shibari rigger and experienced instructor. He is a veteran of the BDSM community with roots deeply set in D/s and especially M/s relationship dynamics. Practiced in the art of Shibari, T0ne is an expert rigger who also enjoys blade-play, take-downs, edge-play, and a good mindfuck. He is also an entrepreneur, devoted father, hacker, skeptic, and atheist.

T0ne is a popular instructor at events and locations around the country. He brings humor, enthusiasm, and a relaxed teaching style to his classes. With over eight years of rope bondage behind him and thousands of suspensions performed, he has experience and knowledge to share with rope enthusiasts of all sorts. T0ne offers private lessons at Studio Kinbaku.

Contact him on FetLife as T0ne or email him.



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