JSF_7176Rope enthusiast with a penchant for pain and the macabre, as well as all the lessons and beauty that hide there. Poweredby has a dark streak a mile wide that he’s embraced – understanding that it is not “good” or “bad” but rather an equal teacher. A lifelong learner, he hopes beyond hope that he never “gets it” or believes there is nothing left to learn. north-star and he continue to seek rope instruction, traveling around the country – and the world – in pursuit of mastery. They have taken classes from Wykd Dave, Naka Akira, Saki Kamijoo, Dr. Phil, Zamil and a host of other wonderful people. They’ve also had the good fortune of receiving private instruction from Wykd Dave, Saki Kamijoo, and Hajime Kinoko. Poweredby doesn’t proclaim to have a style, although he clearly leans toward more traditional Japanese aesthetic. Much like everything else in life, rope evolves, learning evolves, and his perspectives evolve. “Just when I think I’m certain of a perception, I learn something new, and my understanding of rope changes.”

They love sharing their passion for rope, having taught classes on control and pain through rope, gote shibari, and beginner rope. Poweredby and north-star continue to seek opportunities to offer workshops and classes. If you’re interested in private lessons, contact them.