"Portrait", John D Williams

“Portrait”, John D Williams

Far from your typical midwestern girl, erin (leafwhistle) is a kinky, queer, polyamorous, submissive, masochistic atheist. When she isn’t pushing drugs as a Pharmacy Technician, she is a musician, aerialist, and fitness-ethusiast with a degree in sociology and anthropology. She shares a home with her two partners, three kids, and one cat. Almost as well-known for her expertise in queer-feminist issues and sex toys as she is for her striking red hair and freckles, leafwhistle is an engaging presenter. Just try not to fall in love with her.

A regular in the midwest bondage community, leafwhistle is an established fetish model, bondage performer, and all-around exhibitionist.

Contact her on FetLife as leafwhistle or email her.